hello! as you can tell, i am new here. Anyways, my friend/guitarist has been using this site for quite a while but doesn't even know that there are forums, so he isn't registered. Even so, I am his drummer. I've gotten the idea into my head that for the local high school's battle of the bands we could play Carlos Santana's Soul Sacrifice Woodstock Edition, you know, the 12 minute long one with the 6 and a half minute long drum solo? yeah, that's the one

I can pretty much play the drum solo completely, may have to improvise on some parts, or just skip over them completely, but my guitarist and bassist have never heard the song before, and have always had trouble "playing by ear". I know that there's a different "live" version on this website and on many other websites, but the thing is, that's only the 6 minute long one from like, 5 years ago in south america.

does anybody have the tabs for bass and guitar for soul sacrifice woodstock edition by Carlos Santana?

Thanks very much, and if i didn't do my searching correctly or thoroughly enough, please, by all means, yell at me!
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