The chorus or the wah?

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i put chorus before wah.

edit, but my amp doesn't have an fx loop, so i dont get that option.
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Try it both ways and see which sound you like best. Then report back here
the fuzz.
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Well, I'm fairly certain the egg came before the chicken...if you think about it from an evolutionary standpoint, something that couldn't quite be called a chicken had to have laid an egg from which a chicken hached. I don't claim to be an expert on evolutionary biology but in my limited knowledge of evolution that scenario just makes sence. As for pedal order, I'm going to have to say experiment. There are only two orders to test out, shouldn't be too hard. But to be perfectly honest I don't think there are very many pedals that have to be in a certain order in the pedal line up, EQ and noise gait being some exceptions. So, in other word I don't think it matters.
Normally, filters go in front, followed by distortions and compression, then by modulators.

By that logic, wah should go before chorus. However, feel free to experiment, as it can unlock so incredible tones. The 'standard' order just give a very good chance the pedal will sound good.
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