I'm the singer and song lyric writer for my band but lately I have been having problems putting ideas down into words like as an example for a love song "boy likes girl, girl doesn't like boy" I would have trouble putting down the idea of that into words... help
make an instrumental.

nah, thats why i dont write lyrics, but anyway, what kind of help do you need? it would be better if you made another thread where you actually wrote something (even if it sucks) and get advise from people. just my opinion

it's not that I need help writing a song it's that I can't put what I'm thinking about writing into words like as a better example and this is totally random off the top oif my head to...

boy likes a girl but the girl doesn't like him back, they hang out alot though and she eventually really does like him but he no longer likes her. I would have the intro tell about how he likes her the chorus be about the feeling. the a verse be about them hanging out another verse be about how she ends up liking him and then the outreo probably be the same as the chorus but switch it so the girl's feelings not the guys.

for all the sections though like verse intro chorus whatever I would have trouble getting the idea across of what is happening and actually having the lyrics be good
get a deeper topic to write about.

or translate viking poetry into lyrics. works for me.
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no one can tell you how to write.
You either can, or you can't. If you're just in a slump, that's one thing.
But the actual translation of thoughts into words is something that can't really be explained.
I owe a ton of people critiques.

If you're one of them, please PM me.

I have trouble keeping track.
When you start, you're going to be crap.

You will be cliche, you will be boring, the only people who will read your lyrics and say nice things will be your friends and behind your back they will be mocking you.

It's good, it gives you somethign to write about, then you get better. The more you write, the better you get. Same with guitar, same with singing.
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metaphoricly turn it into a completely different thing, but still stretch your point