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so i just downloaded an mp3 off a youtube video to mp3 converter and when i ****ing opened it it was noises and then a guy saying "ouch" in a voice similar to mine. and then this really scary voice, well almost (cookie monster in the US?)honey monster voice said

"hello michael i want to play a game"

and then i turned it off cus i was so ****ing scared wtf
how could it possibly know my name?! my windows profile is under administrator. please someone tell m this is some sort of joke and everyones already heard of it lol.
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idk.. there is stuff like this all over the place.. dont worry

edit: but just in case, carry lube with you at all times.
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(Invalid img)

That is all.

He's laughing at YOU.
You better click that bastard.

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What was the video? Link?
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lol at lack of Saw knowledge.
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Posting in epic thread. Maybe another Mike.H thing.

what exactly was mike h.?

and seriously every ****ing noise is shitting me up.

plus when i went and told my bro about it all he did was a pull a weird face with his eyes really wide hahaha
I've been here since '04.

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what exactly was mike h.?

and seriously every ****ing noise is shitting me up.

plus when i went and told my bro about it all he did was a pull a weird face with his eyes really wide hahaha

i wantz link now!!!!!
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What was the video? Link?

yeah link or it didn't happen
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that is ****ed up. run. and never stop
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(Invalid img)

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Seriously, it was probably a virus. Give us (or google) the name and delete the software.

EDIT: Maybe the maker was going for the zero punctuation, "Especially you, Adrian!"approach to scaring.
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yeah i knew it was saw but forgot he said micheal

but also thought maybe whoever made it said micheal anyways i loved in a small town of maybe 2000 people till i was 18 and knew 5 mikes my age lol
song stuck in my head today

Are you sure you opened the right file?

Maybe a friend was screwing around to mess with you and you opened that mp3 instead?
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