I was listening to a local alt. rock station the other day and theplayed an interesting cover of lil wayne's lollipop. Unfortunately, they didnt ever say who sang it. It was kind of heavy but was really a nice cover. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any like notable covers of this song... I've looked everywhere. thanks
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A band that's from Youngstown, Ohio called Forgotten In Memory covers it
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looipop is by lil wayne
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yea lol i just noticed i was thinking lil wayne and typed john, too many lil people these days
the name of the band that plays it is called: right side of the tree
you can find them on youtube they have some good stuff
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first- the song is by lil wayne
second- lil john is actually "lil jon"
(I don't inderstand rapper's obbsesion with abreviated "lil" and misspellings)

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