I'm a halfway decent player who's starting to get into soloing but I'm having a hard time finding ones for my skill level. The ones I play are either too hard or too easy.

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PM me if you want to talk about the Red Hot Chili Peppers or hip-hop.
First couple I learned were

RHCP- Californication
Metallica- One (intro)
Sublime- What I Got
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Intro solos to "Fade to Black" and "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" by Metallica are some classic beginner solos to learn, especially if you are into metal. They are slow, mellow, sad solos though, so pretty much any rock fan can like them.
Back in Black, You shook me all night long, and Whole Lotta Love are some easy to play, hard to remember songs =P
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Pawn Shop - Sublime
Fade to Black intro - 'Tallica
Crazy Train - Ozzy, theres really only one hard part
Some of Sweet Child O' Mine - GnR

Just think of cliche classic rock songs. the solos arent overly hard, just really tricky.
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Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Guns N' Roses
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heart shaped box's solo?
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Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions < worst solo ever lol
Linkin Park - Little Things Give You Away < first solo I ever learned
black magic woman-santana. simple and sounds good.
paranoid-black sabbath
little wing-jimi hendrix
eruption-van halen
enter sandman-metallica
nighttrain-guns and roses (the ending bit might be a bit dificult, but practice it)
the unforgiven-metallica
nothing else matters-metallica
big city night-scorpions
no one like you-scorpions
back of b*tch-GNR
november rain (some part on the last solo might be hard)-GNR
knocking on heavens door-GNR

these songs and other mentiones migt keep you occupied for a while. also, just try to learn random songs that you hear. select on your media player to play music at a random order and learn lets say the first song or the 3rd song or whatever.

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