no one answered my other thread before, so i thought i'd post a new one and delete the old one. in your opinion, what's better; the ibanez rg2550e prestige or the jackson sl3 soloist???
Try them both out and decide for yourself. I would personally take the Ibanez but that is just my preference. You may prefer the jackson and most people here would probably take the jackson. It's your preference, not ours.

Good luck with whichever you decide on

Yeah, just try them both out, or, even try other guitars out, you might find something you like even more then those two.
i like the jackson and the ibanez equally. if i could trade in my jackson sl3 for that ibanez i would and if i had the ibanez i would trade it for the jackson. you can't really go wrong with either
its entirely up to you dont base a decision like this on some dude you dont know
go into a shop and try em out
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I would take the Jackson, but you really should try them and decide by yourself.
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Ibanez, better trem, worse pickups, better neck, free case, just an awesome guitar

pickups are ok but a very awesome guitar
my friend has one and i have played it often. very nice guitar sounds and plays very well
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does the ibanez bolt on neck make it hard to reach the higher frets or is it as easy as the jackson?
Try them both, but personally I prefer Jacksons. My bias though after a bad experience with an Ibanez.
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Ibanez, better trem, worse pickups, better neck, free case, just an awesome guitar

Super trem (ZR is good too, maybe even better), better pickups, better neck, does not sound thin like ibanez, does not feel like a toy like ibanez.
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