Lets say you are going to Guitar College.. do you have to do subjects like math, English, and etc like High school? Sorry, for the dumb question.
For the most part yes, unless you go to a conservatory or something.
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Depends. I have a friend who went to the Art Institute of Minnesota (for graphic design, but I'm sure they have a music program), apparently they have no, or at least very few class requirements. I also have friends who are studying music at the University that I attend, and you have to take those classes in high school just to get accepted here. Basically what the spiker said.
most universities do have lower leveled classes (basics) that you're required to take. but at the same time all i've gone to have had tests that you could take to try to get out of them if you think your skills are better than what the class has to offer...
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At my university if you are in music (or any other faculty or that matter) you only need to take 2 interdisciplinary studies over the course of your schooling. So if your in arts, you need to take one social science and one science.