Are there REALLY any improvements in an SG that aren't in a Les Paul, outside of improved fret access and lighter weight? Does it ever make sense to own both for any reason outside of liking how both of them look?
its preferance really, les pauls give better sustain and there is a tonal difference because the les paul has more wood

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That's what I thought. So would you say there's much sense in owning both if you prefer the Gibson/Epiphone line, yet want a few different choices?

I think the SG looks great and is a good visual complement to the Les Paul, but it doesn't appear to be different enough to warrant getting it over an Explorer, EM, or Firebird.
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eh i have both.... i like them both but i could probably do with out the SG. Im thinking about selling it for something with a thinner neck.
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Not anymore. The new 2008 chambered Les Pauls probably don't have any more wood than an SG.

they are chambered in strategic spots to give more sustain

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Yeah didn't you know?! The chamber is in a Les Paul shape that is about a 4/5th scale of an actual Les Paul. It's more like a 335 with out f holes.
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I've seen the x-rayed Les Pauls and they're practically hollowbodies.

Hell, I picked up a 2008 Les Paul Studio at GC the other day and it weighed what felt like half of the Epiphone Les Paul Custom next to it did.

Although, being a small guy, in the long run I think I'd rather have a less weighty 'Paul. I picked up a Les Paul Classic and I thought, "My god, why not just put straplocks on a cinder block?"
Yeah, the Epiphone Les Paul is still quite heavy. I think they're still "weight relieved" as opposed to chambered.

So I spent some time with the Epiphone G-400 yesterday (enough to gauge an opinion), and I was surprised at how light the body was. It was so light it was Strat-like, and it made the neck feel like it was a million pounds in comparison. Still, though, I kinda liked it. At this point, I'm looking at both the Epiphone G-400 and the Jackson Kelly. I'll probably throw Blackouts in either one, to get a varied sound. Can you put chrome covers on an active pickup? Does that screw them up?
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