I'm 15 years old and I've been playing guitar for 2 years and bass for about 6 months. I'm a fairly strong rythym player, and I can play a little bit of lead guitar. As for bass, I'm not that great, but I could play bass if neccesary, I would prefer guitar though.

I'm into thrash, power and hair metal, and would be willing to playing most metal, as long as there is minimal to no screaming. Harsh vocals (Slayer type-ish) are welcome. I'm mainly influenced by Metallica, Alice Cooper, HammerFall, Manowar, and Overkill.

I live in Markham, so if you are near the area give me a shout. Also, preferably around my age (13-17).
Hellos spiner202,

Im wair138 or jacky, and im in markham area with a bassist and drummer + me, the rhythm/vocalist.

What part of markham are you in? What school do you go to? I'm at the high school PETHS, and our band is all 14 year olds. We would play all sorts of rock and metalcore, so i was wondering if your interested? We also might cover a little metalcore so there will be some screaming but its not going to be like a Children of Bodom screamfest.

Hope that we can work together soon,
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Hey! I live in Unionville and I go to MSS. I'd definately be interested in working with you guys. Do you have any recordings/videos of anything you've done?

Also, as I said in my first post, I'm not much of a lead guitarist. I mean I'm decent but I can't do anything crazy.

What type of bands do you think you guys would play like? Are we talking like Metallica, Maiden, Trivium, Killswitch, or if not specifically metal then ACDC, Aerosmith, etc?