My current computer speaker suck for recording, I was wondering what kind of computer speakers should I get?

My budget is around $30, recommend some please..
maybe your soundcard sucks?
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maybe your soundcard sucks?

Nah it's good my speakers are pretty old... I need some new replacements...
$30 is not getting you anywhere. Make it 50 and there are some passable options, make it $100 and you're going to get something decent to use while recording.
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all computer speakers suck for recording,
you'll never be able to do a mix with $30 speakers.
invest in a set of reference monitors.
they aren't cheap however.

if you are really stuck with a $30 budget, get anything, cos in that price range everything is just as bad as everything else.
Any speakers around $30 wont be worth it...you would have better results with headphones in that price range.

Recording isn't cheap and if you go with low end gear you wont get any great results...

Speakers are for general playback. Most home PCs use this type of setup.
Studios have interfaces with balanced outputs and they run those to "Monitors" which are high end speakers (generally starting in the $150 each price range) that give true, uncolored sound so you can get a good mix and sound.

You may be able to find a set of KRK RP5s for around $100 on ebay...but you have to keep an eye out for that........

Generally good headphones start around $100 (Senn HD280 Pro or Grado Labs SR80) and are a fair start for those on a tight budget but you wont ever get as close to a real set of studio monitors.

If you dont have an audio interface, I would look into one of those before looking into monitors...
Can you guys name some $50-$100 speakers that are any good?

I'm going to craigslists to find some good speakers...
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I suggest looking into some of the powered Logitech sets. once again, they are not true monitors but if you get used to mixing on them you can get some good sounding songs...


The Z4 isnt bad

The z4's look superb great. What is that big speaker square box thing. Subwoofer?

I found them pretty cheap on amazon $56.98
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