I was wondering about this issue I have when I play guitar. When ever I try to use my pinky, like lets say in a chromatic scale for instance, it raises into the air above all my other fingers and vice versa when going backwards. My friends have told me this is a tension issue but I feel completely relaxed when I play and nothing I try seems to work on correcting it. Any help would be appreciated.

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my guitar teach told me to do this to help with finger lifts.

find a wall that has nothing in the way of it. face the wall and put your fretting hand close but not touching it (enough room to raise your fingers to change strings and position but no more). this way forces you to get used to only raising your fingers a little but.
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It sounds like something that will come with practice, i had the same problem and once i started doing more scales and such with the pinky, it got used to the position and fell in line with the other fingers.