first of all, there's a question mark in the name because i'm not sure that' what this will be called. also,i recorded this with crappy equipment, so quality is not the highest.

also, it will be sped up, most likely anyway, and i will not be singing, i know i'm awful, no need to comment on that. imagine this has a good singer, no mistakes, high quality recording :P

let me know what you guys think of basically the guitar parts/lyrics

this isn't the complete song since it's not completely written yet.


set me free
from reality
help me
find my own way home
free me
from this tyranny

why do i
feel so trapped all the time
i am just a victim of
a vengeful crime

i just want to be free
from this agony
why must i
suffer all the time
why is life
so very unfair

the song is on my profile, called set me free demo

there's also currently no transition between chorus and second verse, i know, sounds dumb, i haven't written one yet.