Theres a guy interested in buying my 6505+, and hes asking me about speakers and what not, and which ones go well with the head. Im not awesome with speakers, so what should I tell him? The ones I hear thrown around a lot are v30s and the g12h 75's or something along those lines. Thoughts?
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Well, in the new EVH cab there's EVH Signature Celestions, they're basically copies of the 20w Greenbacks. I would go with Greenbacks fo shizzle my nizzle. Or you could mix and match, throw in 2 Greenbacks for some nice mids and high end and 2 T75s for some booming low end. Or you could replace the Greenbacks with V30s.
my cab is loaded with V30s and it goes perfectly with my 6505+. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I'd stay away from G12s though, I tried a cab out with my head and it sounded really dull, it lacked that umph. I know people always throw V30s in the conversation just for good measure sometimes, but in this case I think they are the way to go. I tried G12s and Greenbacks and they both took something away from the amp, they didn't do it justice IMHO.