I'm doing a music assignment at school about the cause of rebellion and protest in lyrics of songs. But i need to know the main cause of rebellion and protest for the 50's to now...and some songs that rebel or protest that cause in question...


1960's - Vietnam etc...
1970's -
1980's -
1980's -
2000's - Iraq etc...

I also want to use some punk bands as a basis for the punk movement (and to a lesser extent, the punk music of today)
Some of the punk bands I have are

Black Flag
Dead Kennedys
Sex Pistols
-(and today)

but for each of the punk bands, could you recommend me a song with very good lyrics that relate to rebellion?

Someone made the EXACT same thread 2 weeks ago, look for that and you'll already have a million answers

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ah...yeah...i was told that thread was closed...and it didn't give me all the aswers i needed... plus i added more to this one..
The 50's was the birth of the teenager. Young people had a disposable income and little in the way of commitment. They basically had money and time on their hands. "Rebel songs" from that time weren't really challenging anything major, they were simply rebellious in their attitude. Just about any Rock 'n' Roll tune from that period could be construed as rebellious.

Little Richard- Tutti Fruity
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Bad Religion - Watch it die, big bang, part II, part III, atomic garden, you are the government, modern man, against the grain, unacceptable, new dark ages, requiem for dissent.

I could list songs from the all day, im sure one of them will have what youre looking for.
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The 60's protest music basically formed out the counterculture movement which had emerged from the Beatniks subculture of the late 50's. In theory the counterculture was the direct opposite of the norm of the U.S.A. such as open drug use, lack of materialist desires, free love, etc

The main cause for protest was rebelling against the conservatism of the era in regards to Homosexuality, Race, Gender, Sex, etc etc etc

Then you have the anti-war songs, which did not necessarily come from people associated with the counterculture

Anti War- Barry McGuire- Eve of Destruction
Counterculture- Jefferson Airplane- White Rabbit
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I would rather recommend you some better modern, political punk bands.

The Martyr Index
Witch Hunt
Resistant Culture
Defiance, Ohio
I Object!
World Burns to Death

I could go on...

Also bear in mind that neither the Sex Pistols nor The Ramones were very political bands. You might be better off talking about Crass, Icons of Filth, Discharge, and the other bands who defined political punk rock in the early 80's. The whole '77 era doesn't have much to do with that kind of thing.
80s: some rappers began rebelling against the treatment of inner city youths (hello! NWA! Public Enemy! c'mon.)
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
00's some rich kids pretending to have something to whine about

/and thats all for todays lesson kids, remember to read pages 7-12 in you history of modern music books and I'll see you all here next week for your power point presentations
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How about The Clash?
I'm dancing in the moonlight
It's caught me in its spotlight
Dancing in the moonlight
On this long hot summer night

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the song "anarchy" although in my ignorance i have forgotted who performed it or when they did
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