I've been on ticketmaster.com and have about 5 concerts I want to check out in the next two weeks, but wondering what's the cheapest way to get tickets, generally speaking. So I turn to you pit for my answers.
seetickets is generally quite good.

EDIT: www.seetickets.com
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If you are within proximity of the venue, go buy tickets in person in advance.
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Online always seems quick and easy.
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This one time my friend Dani California bought convert tickets online. She was robbin' on a bank in the state of Indiana.
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i buy my tickets pretty much when they go on sale online, which would be 6months before the show.

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Im going to be using ticketmaster a lot more soon, i got a laser card in the post,( ia ssume they accept that). No more relying on adults!!! WOO

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Online's usually easiest but if it's close than buy it at the venue in advanced.
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If I can I'll buy from the ticketmaster office in person, avoid their quite frankly scandalous postage charges.
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Buy them at the venu If its too fartcket amster
win them out of a bet?
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