This is all based off the track Drive 3, which is just me on acoustic guitar. It has built in percussion thanks to the strumming pattern: striking the bridge with the side of my picking hand to keep rhythm. I had a friend of mine stop by to try to record some lead parts for this song. We went a little overboard and came up with enough to last for the entire song, so I put em all together. He can tear it up, he is playing all the electric parts. I recorded all the acoustic leads. I can't shred at all but I did my best to fit the music. My favorite lead part is the acoustic one that starts at 1:35.

Anyway, if you wanna hear constant electric/acoustic leads on top of everything that was already there, check out the track in my profile:

"Drive 4 (Electric/Acoustic Leads)"

All feedback and criticism welcome. I will c4c.

ps. watch out for the insane ferrari clip as an intro. its ****ing loud, lol
dude that was quite impressive. i like the way you switched up between the clean and dirty leads. what scales are you using for the distorted leads?
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Sorry bro I only played the clean leads, and the acoustic rhythm that I wrote. My friend played all the electric parts. I believe he said he was playing in A minor. As for the scale, I have no idea, what he does is beyond my lead ability lol.
Hey, thanks for your in-depth crit, greatly appreciated.

I enjoyed this track a lot, especially the clean melodies at 1:12 and at 0:31. I wanted to hear more clean melodies with only one or maybe two shorter electric solos. The electric was a fairly standard blues-metal type soloing, and I hate to say this, but phrasing on the electric needs to be more melodic. I think they could be improved by highlighting or repeating the acoustic ideas.

Overall though I really enjoyed the acoustic and electric harmony, they contrasted but still sound great together, Nice job!
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Sup! Cool intro.
Like the electric Blues solo!
Very cool song with Great Recordings!!!
There is not too much about it that I didn't like A+++

? Crit Mine ?
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Thanks for the comments

Ixelion- Its fine that you said that because I've thought the same thing. You can really tell the difference between the lead parts I play on acoustic, and what my friend played on electric. I think that since I wrote the progression and I know it well, it was pretty easy for me to come up with melodic parts that followed the music as I imagine it. For him, since he hadn't heard the song before, I can't fault him for tearing it up like he did, thats his style really. I've thought of making a version with only clean acoustic leads for the entire song, and now that you posted that, I just might do it.

thanks again both of ya