Or are they all tubed. Because im looking for a nice tubed amp (Around 500 dollars) And I hear alot of good things about marshalls amps. And I was thinking of buying either a Marshall or a peavey.

Tl;Dr read the title.
are you asking do marshall make any tube amps?
If so then i believe they do. Btw what currency do you have 500$ in?

Yes they do... Except for their MG series. Stay away from those at all costs.

Also, you won't be able to buy a good Marshall with only 500 dollars.
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Well the cheapest all tube marshall is (i think) the Marshall DSL 401. It'll go form more than $500 new but you could pick up a good second hand one for round about that price if your lucky.
please look at the stickies they have all the info you need.
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Yes, and they cost the soul of your firstborn. For the price, you may as well get a Mesa or the like.
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Not for $500, why marshall? Their are lots of amps in your price range that are MUCH better than any of the marshalls that are their.

What music do you play?