I recently bought a Fender hot Rod Deville and was really impressed, packed full of crunch but is still extremely clear to the ear.

The Deville has an extremely unique sound. It is clean yet crunchy, harsh but smooth and it has loads of sustain and, if you turn it up, loads of natural reverb. The amp comes with only natural sounds so you don’t get loads of distortion or echo but you get loads of gain, presence and reverb with it. Their are also 3 Drive Modules which are; clean, drive and more drive, all can be controlled with a foot pedal.

This is a real earthy guitar due to the juicy insides. It works on technology that has been around for years. The technology though, in my opinion, is still the best. You get 2 12″ speakers powered courtesy of the 3 preamp tubes and the 2 grove tubes which really do pack a punch. Yes it is 60 watts but in no way is it powerless, the power is produced by the tubes which make it even more powerful compared to an average trany amp. This is not a trany amp it’s a tube amp!!

The amp is really solid although it does have to be kept in good condition because the black vinyl covering does tend to fade, although you could argue that adds to the vintage feel. Their are no frills with the design, but then who wants a frilly amp. If you could describe the design you would say that it is one big solid block.

If you are in to your blues rock then this is the amplifier for you. The sound and the style are unique to that sort of playing. Sorry to the punk rockers though, this really isn’t the sort of amp you would want due to the gravelly bluesy sound. So if you are a fan of SRV then this could be a perfect amp for you.

The fender deville is now my favourite guitar amplifiers out there.
woah weird I was considering checking one out Im getting a tube combo next year
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Loads? Just kidding.. My Hot Rod Deluxe rocks my socks. After I did some mods to it, it was the best amp I could ever ask for. Before I did the mods, though, there was a lot of bass 'sagging' you could say. The drive channel really was too fat for me until I changed it. But it's great now!