I'm not sure about the title, but it's all I have right now. Crit for crit if you want.

Also, I posted the song here before under the name "Opression of the Mind", only one person replied to it and I deleted the thread straight away because I saw a thread about some guy who was stealing peoples riffs and got scared he'd steal all mine.
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Awesome song.
The intro was good, but the lead was a bit repetetive. The clean part after this is very good, i loved the bass line. The solo was very nice. The choir at 63 was a bit annoying though. I loved the harp at bar 75. All the parts with the harp were awesome. I love the riff which starts at bar 104. The next solo is very good too. The break is awesome and completely changes the mood of the song, which is nice. The next lead was awesome and kinda dissonant sounding in the beginning, i really liked how it got bluesy and kinda proggy sounding at the end.
Overall a very good song.
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that was a masterpeice, i'd love to hear it recorded, beautiful symphonics, riffs sounded great. dont really know how i would critique it unfortunately.

mind critting mine?
I honestly don't have much to say.

An overall good song. The only parts I didn't like were the intro and the slightly chuggy parts (too meh). The drumming, guitars, bass, and strings were all excellent...though, i will say this:

Please don't insist on hitting every single 8th beat. The drums were perfect at measure 146 because of your only hitting the beat on every quarter.

Good solos, as well.
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