First up, i've got a LTD Edition Fender HRD, the one with Tweed covering and Jensen speaker. When i turn it on, leave it to warm up for a bit and then turn on the amp, theres this hideously loud humming noise, that goes away when i touch the metal plate on the control panel (So im assuming this could be a grounding problem?) Now, no guitar signal gets through very loud, you can hear it, but it sounds really faint, thin and whispy.

I have yet to take off the back plate to look at the tubes, but they all seem to be lighting/heating up fine.

EDITED IN DUE TO FORGETFULLNESS: The amp is about one year old, im it's second owner, but it has been recently (within the last 5-6 months) re-tubed, but i guess it could still possibly be that

Cables - brand new cleartones, tested on another amp, work fine.
Guitars - my guitars work fine on my practice amp

Any thoughts on what could be causing this problem?
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Quote by JilaX^
Sounds more like a grounding issue to me...

Yeah, i need a bit more info from someone maybe to actually help me sort the problem out