The bodies of a man and his two young daughters have been found at a commercial garage in Southampton.
Police found the bodies of the father, named as David Cass, 33, and the girls at Paynes Road Car Sales, Freemantle, on Sunday evening.
Hampshire Police believe the man killed his daughters, aged one and three, before hanging himself following the break-up of his relationship.
Police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the deaths.
It is understood Mr Cass smothered his children before taking his own life.
'Gone to sleep'
Val Frazier, the mother of his partner's best friend, said she phoned 999 to alert the police.
Ms Frazier said: "She had a phone call [from Mr Cass] and he apparently said to her, 'The children have gone to sleep forever and now I'm going to hang myself'.

"She phoned straight here screaming and I just ran straight around and sorted it out with the police.
"I kept telling her, 'Don't worry, he'll be bringing them back in a minute'.
"It just won't go into my head that a man can take his own kids."
A spokesman for Hampshire Police said post-mortem tests would be carried out at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester.
He added that formal identification of the bodies had not yet taken place.
It is believed Mr Cass had been staying in a caravan on the premises on Paynes Road since the break-up of his relationship.
At the scene forensic science officers were examining both the caravan and the inside of the garage, which was cordoned off just before 1900 BST on Sunday.
Had 'a plan'
Mr Cass's employer and manager of the garage, John Martin, told BBC News the MOT tester was devoted to his daughters.
He said: "That's all he talked about in here. He didn't want to live without his girls, I suppose, but I just took it as Dave being a little bit down.
"On Saturday he said to me, 'I'm going away, I've got a plan'.
"I said, 'Don't do anything stupid'.
"He said, 'No, I'll be alright, you know me - it's all good fun'."
Paul Timberlake, a friend of Mr Cass, said he was stunned by what had happened.
"He was such a nice bloke, he'd do anything for anyone and was very helpful and he absolutely loved his children."
He added: "Everyone is stunned and no-one can believe it."

I am stunned and I can't believe it.
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Damn, that's round the corner from me!
Yeah it's not too far from me either
In that case are you two included in the group of people that are stunned and unable to believe what's happened?
Recently a lady kidnapped her kids not too far from here. The state lottery has been issuing descriptions of the vehicle and the license plate every day, with new information sometimes. Its believed she will hurt her kids. So this doesn't really surprise me.
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Meh. People are self-obsessed bastard coated bastards. Nothing surprising or shocking about it.
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Why'd the lady phone 999?

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Meh. People are self-obsessed bastard coated bastards. Nothing surprising or shocking about it.

It kinda sucks but i agree.

People suck.
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It's like 911 in England.

o i c.

same thing happened in australia a few months ago. man killed himself and his kids because of the break up with his wife. they must thing that just committing suicide will ruin their childrens lives so they kill them as well. ****ing despicable
Didn't that also happen with the millionaire who burned his house down?

"If I can't have it, no-one can!"
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Didn't that also happen with the millionaire who burned his house down?

"If I can't have it, no-one can!"

Aye, he also shot his daughter's horses with his shotgun, not cool.
Aye, he killed his family (and pets) before burning the place down and killing himself I think.
Yeah, that's right.

That guy f*cking sucked.

Although the general consensus was that the guy made all his money by being a scum-sucking weasel.

Interestingly, I've been out and about today, and haven't heard mention of the current incident.