Upload a gp4 and I will crit it
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I actually had a listen to this earlier but forgot to crit it.

In parts it sounded a bit like A7x; from like the Waking The Fallen era.
Which is very cool!

Overall, nothing special or new though. Pretty solid song.

EDIT - Listened through again, the lead in the intro sounds sort of like a rip-off of Critical Acclaim... Until you get to the intro solo.
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I'm gonna have to agree. it's not really anything noticeably mindboggling, but it is a great well put together song. the riffs got old after awhile though. I suggest you put in some variation by the 2nd or 3rd verses or however many there were. solos sounded pretty good although I think you could make better attempts at phrasing or whatever. IMO, the best solos are the ones you can mostly sing along to.

but good riffs in there. nice rhythms, except the fact that drums shouldn't be the "rock drum set" but that's an RSE thing. definitely use acoustic drums always on GP. everything else sounds crap. and use the compressed sound.

but solid song. great work. and thanks for the crit.
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I liked this. The intro solo was nice, created a nice dark atmopshere whilst showing plenty of technical skill. The verses were nice and simple, in a good way. I thought the solo bit over the pre-chorus sounded a little out of place because of it only being one bar long, but maybe that's just me. The solo later on in the song was fantastic, really well written! The ending was good too, although the ride cymbal bits sounded out of place at times.

Overall, 8/10. Cheers for the crit!
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thanks, i know the intro sounds like critical acclaim, mostly because i watched the a7x concert dvd and the song was very catchy on it :P but the others, they are fully my own babies
and yes , im happy im created an a7x style song, maybe i rewrite it with all you said. then post it here, so watch out

ty for the crits
Sorry for the late crit', I forgot you asked for me to crit' this, anyways. Here it is, mate.

I still think the intro needs to be a bit different, it sounds way to much like Critical Acclaim, maybe even dropping the tuning a semitone or two would change that, and probably give the song an overall heavier feel?

The drums are very cool throughout really, nothing I would change there.

The leads are all pretty good, they're like, different to A7x style leads. They're cool though and go with the song very well. The only thing I don't like about them is the sweeps in bars 31-32 and other bits like that, they work. But just sound weird to me. I'll upload a GP with something like I would do there instead of the sweeps because it's hard to explain. I'm not saying you have to use the file I upload, but if you want to, feel free to.

Anyways, enough about that.

Verses were pretty standard, got a bit boring. But vocals would probably fix that.

The preverse riff was very cool! The harmonys were awesome.

The chorus didn't really sound big enough for A7x, but it works, aslong as you're happy with it.

The screamo verse was cool, I like the blastbeat drumming. It's a good change.
I don't get how the drummer will do the double kick bit after that and keep the high hat closed... Do you have three legs or something Maybe use a ride cymbal instead of a closed high hat, similar to Second Heartbeat.

The bridge was cool, a bit more like the modern A7x stuff.

The riff in the 'clean' section was cool. Good chord useage.

The break was again, pretty standard. By now that riff is getting really boring...

The solo, as with the rest of the leads, wasn't very A7x-y. Ahh well, it was cool anyways.

And the prechorus made a good outro.

Overall, good song. Could use work though.... 7/10.
Tinsci666 Song.zip
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
kk thx for all, i keep in mind what you've said, but i don't change the song anymore. btw i liked your version too. it's catchy i think. umm, i don't think i write a new song in a few weeks/months, but if you post your new ones, or send it to me on msn, i can help you happily. pick me up on msn if you are interested:tincsi666@hotmail.com
see you soon!