hey UG,
I've noticed a little problem on the 19th fret on the high e just before you reach a full bend it cuts out. This is the only string it does it on. I think it may be a fret prob or something, I'm not to sure. Anyone got any ideas on what it might be?

I think there called dead spots. Its usually when the action on your guitar is too low. The string will be catching on a higher fret which makes the vibration of the string stop. To fix it you will have to raise your action but it might only be a fraction of a millimeter.
Try raising your action slightly, sometimes a slight adjustment to the action makes all the difference.
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wow your right a little bit does go a long way.. I've got it pretty good now though it still cuts out abit. usually cuts out when you bend it up to the start of the dot on the 19th fret
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Have a look around the fret, see if there's any damage, or raise the action a wee bit more.