i can get a line 6 spider 3 75 watt and have about 350 dollars left what should i get i play metal and have a crappy 250 dollar ibanez the amp i have now is the roland cube 20x im sellin that for 100 so after i sell ill have 450 do u think i should just use the 650 and get a new guitar i was lookin at the jackson rr3
spend more money on amp
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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5150=Amazing for metal

The only thing that would help on teh guitar end are Pups, and may i recommend Seymour Duncan's Mayhem Set, Its two SH-6 pups, they sound phenominal even through a line 6 spider II


**** teh Spider III
ur cube is better than that line 6 dude xD
guitar is not such a big issue...90% of tone is amp and type of pickups( single/humbucker)
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Going from your Cube to a Spider is a downgrade, save some more money and get a better amp. If you have a good amp it will make even a crappy guitar sound good, but a great guitar will still sound like crap through a bad amp. Buy a good amp and then upgrade your guitar later if you want to, but I would recommend spending most of your budget on an amp.
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Every post is correct. +1 to all of them. Spend all the money on a nice used metal amp now and upgrade the guitar later if you still even want to.