a warehouse up my road just phoned me (booker) asking if i want full time, 7.30am - 4.30pm ob.

trouble is i have seasonal job at asda working nights (which is more pay)

i think the warehouse is the better choice

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yea definately. After a while night shifts start to do somethin to your head. Everyone I've met that works f/t nights for any length of time has a couple marbles rollin around upstairs if you get me
That's up to you man.
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yeah asda night staff are all a bit fruity, trust i work evenins there and see the nighters go in....

right weird set of people
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The only good job a man can get these days is a handjob, and even they're getting worse.

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...getting up freakin early...

You make me laugh, 7.30 is not that early a start unless you're a student - esp when its only up the road.

Personally I'd go for the full time work as while its less per hour I'm guessing it works out at more at the end of the month and its regular (not seasonal). Then again it depends what other stuff you have going on in your life.

Harmonius has the best advise.
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don't work at asda
have some pride

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