Got a RG370DXBLK with an edge 3 bridge.

I was wondering if it's just my guitar, the edge 3 bridge or all edges that have the whammy bar dangling loosely from the bridge?

I notice Steve Vai's whammy stays in place wherever he leaves it, but mine doesnn't.
Is it just my bridge or is it something else like Steve's got a special bridge or my whammy's too small?
Put the bar in and push down. On the trem block by where the arm goes in there is a screw to adjust tension.

This is in your guitars manual.
Ok... but it feels like there's something blocking it when I try to put it in.

I'm using the 1.5mm allen and it just won't go in.

I tried the 2.0 mm and that obviously didn't work... so now what?