Anyone who have such a guitar and can tell me how it differs from other guitars you have played in sound, tone and such.

I think I'm going to buy one in the comming week but need a word from someone who played one! =)

Thanks in advance,
I have played one and thought it sounded and played great. A common complaint is about the stock p-ups but that is easily fixed if you aren't satisfied with the tone you are getting.
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The MIM delux is a very nice guitar, but like any other guitar, the stock PU's might not be what your after, but they are pretty satifactory PU's by the way. I was gonna get this but I got the highway one strat instead cause I wanted the 22 frets.
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I've played one, but I've played many a Strat. It's a big step up from the Standard, all models basically sound, and play great.

Which one you getting anyways? There's quite a few models. If I can make a suggestion, I'd go for the Deluxe Player, it's my favourite in the range
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The Deluxe Players is lovely, great build quality and beautiful, and noiseless pick ups!
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