theres this chick i used to run too when my girlfriends would piss me off and i would eventually cheat on my gf with her. i stopped talkin to her a couple of mos ago because i started datin this amazing chick, and didnt want to **** this one up, but the other chick keeps tryin to get me for herself. how do i tell her that im tryin to do the right thing this time around??
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that... and relationship thread
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You could tell her "i'm a douche bag"


and stop bragging about your imaginary sex life on the internet!!!
Tell her that you're sorry but it just isnt the time. Make it clear how you feel about this other girl, and tell her that you cant endanger that.
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that's right,you certainly are UG's only moron.

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**** her and ask you gf if she fancys a threesome, coz you know this awesome chick that would.


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She's old enough!

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