I like it, could use another guitar solo right after the acoustic part, but still very good
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there will be singing if are vocalist can be assed 2 make them so it should be even better!
and i forgot 2 add theres C4C just leave the 1 u want 2 be crited in the comment thanks
This song is pretty badass man, and it does have nice influences from Trivium thrown in. For most of it the riffs were mostly good but I would just improve the tuplet part at the beginning where it is very dissonant and just doesn't seem to fit in. The best parts of this song would have to be the changes between the fast, nifty riffs to the slowed down chords that come in really powerful . All in all nice work ~ 9/10
the only reason its 14 minutes is because you repeated everything wayyyy too much. like you repeated the same 2 riffs like 4X4 in a row like jesus, that would bore anyone. this song could easily be condensed into about 5-6 minutes max.