I got the tab for "Cry For Help" by Shinedown from UG, but have a question, more about GP5 than the tab.

I can play the song fairly well, but not quite at the 175 BPM tempo. If I play it at 75% speed, it is too slow. The tempo set in the tab is 120, but there is a section called intro that is set to 175 somehow. If I change the tempo of the song using the preferences, nothing happens. I can't find where to change the tempo of a particular section.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
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The same thing happens to me, i copy and paste the section then make a new tab then paste that little part i copied, it then allows me to change the tempo
they'll be a red dot above the bit where its set to 175. click on that note and then look in the bottom left corner of guitar pro for a red and green button which is the mix table. click that and you can change the tempo there. thats so you can change the tempo mid song whereas the other one at the top of the window is for the whole song