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I've been composing music in guitar pro for about two months now (Don't be too harsh ) and I thought I'd share my most recent (and sucessful) endeavour. It's a ballad of sorts which I built around a piano riff I wrote a while ago. Since I first posted this, it kinda wrapped itself up.

Thanks for replying
Desperation in D minor.zip
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really good felt heaps of emotion in there.
i like how you used the same piano line heaps but alternated it's arrangement to keep it interesting. Reminded me of the outro of Repentance by Dream theater for doing that.
tip in your laying out: it begins on an off beat (annacuscis (sp?)) makes it alot easir to type out than tying across bars
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I ran into some fingering issues. I can get it up to speed the way I've been fingering it, but I'm wondering if you guys have any better ideas, because it seems like there should be an easier way to finger this.

Don't worry there is Roc, there is
That was absolutely great. Really strong melodies throughout. Great piano, great acoustic bits.

Honestly the only thing I can say negative is I wasn't really feeling that distortion guitar that was doing the rhythm. I think that part was just a little overplayed.
The actually piano chord progression is nice, it works well as a ballad of some description. I really like the melody that begins at verse 2, it's really nice. I didn't like the rythm part much, maybe its the bad sound of the midi. But the lead bit on verse 3 is really good, I thought it was a solo but it's not I don't think? haha

I think the drums could do with more work. One job of the drums is to help build up, and for me they didn't do that as much as they could've done.

Overall, really really well put together and nice melodies.

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Intro/Verse 1- I really like the way the instruments play off each other. The piano part sounds much more like a piano player than most GP songs, so well done on that! Great strings melody. The bass slide is a little annoying though.
Chorus-Annoying bass slide. I like the melody once again, but the piano sounds quite generic now. Maybe put in a few more fills? I play piano, I could help you if you want.
Verse 2-I love the piano part, and I love the part when the guitar comes in. It sounds great!
Chorus-Good overall.
Verse 3- Man this is awesome, the solo guitar is just awesome!
Chorus- Once again, great
Solo verse/It Gets Heavier-Nice, tasteful use of electric guitar.
Outro-Nice fade out

Overall 9/10 song, I love the way it builds. Good job man