Hi, Im currently using 10-46's in e standard atm with a 25.5inch scale neck.

But for me the strings just seem to move about a bit too much (mainly low e string) especially when alternate picking and galop picking. Though I do pick quite hard with jazz III's.

Just wondering if this is normal because my intonation is perfect and the action seems fine.

Im thinking that maybe thicker strings should help the problem i.e 11-50's in e standard, just wondering will my neck take that sort of tension?

Comment would be greatly appreciated.
thicker strings will help, although your guitar might have to be re-setup to accomodate for different string thicknesses
Yea, you might need to have the nut slots filed. I'm not sure with 11s. I'm using 12-58 (I think) on a Les Paul and the strings are solid. It's good training too, it really builds finger strength moving up to a higher gauge.
damn 12-58, thats thick.. I've been using 9-42s for a while and I'm having the same problem. I think I'm going up to at least 9-46s maybe higher
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Yea, I'm not a shredder or anything, I go for that thick, creamy bluesy tone. Not to say I can't get the lead out, but SRV with his 13-10095 strings inspired me to step my game up.
try dean markley 11's w/ unwound g-string, then set your truss rod, trem tension if you have one, and intonation a bit. ^agree with timbo on the strings helping your strength, u play on them for a while and all others are like rubber bands...