Hello all. I am doing a project for school and i need help on some ideas. I am working on making a new kind of capo for guitar. If you could list some problems you have had with your capo's over the years. Please don't advertise which capo's are good and which ones are bad just tell me what are some of the problems with the capo's you have used, and i will use that info to design a better capo. Thank you every body.

The only problem I've had is that occasionally the rubber bit that presses down isn't long enough to cover wider necks.
With the gypo ones i used they dont really work on curved radiuses, you have to fine a way of applying more pressure for the outer strings.
It must be quick to put on the guitar.

Would be good to put it somewhere whilst not using it instead of having to pick it up or put it down.
(solved by a trigger capo... ie clipping the capo onto the headstock)
With my kyser, it's a little tricky to release with one hand cause of the way it points forwards. Maybe one that point more directly upwards would be easier to get off?
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I use a capo quite often with one group I play in and after playing through a song the capo bends the strings.... I have gotten so pissed at it once and played to rest of the show barre chording... which gave me a lot more freedom.
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