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Basically its an arpeggio, but seemingly always played with 10-time tuplets, and seems to always be played with the thumb sweepng down the top three strings, and then i m a fingerpicking the remaining three, then 'a' sweeping back up.

anybody know what its called? its in concierto de aranjuez by rodrigo if you need an example.

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I don't think it's arrastre, but I don't know what it would be technically called... if anything.
It's simply arpeggio.

If you must give it a name why not the one used in technical syllabus of Trinity College London - they refer to this as "harp" arpeggio.

Personally I prefer to use the index rather than ring finger for the descending part of the chord. the index offers better tone (ring finger is often too naily in sound as it crosses perpendicular to the strings AND it is closer to the bridge) and better control as the the right hand remains more stable.

Rodrigo uses the device frequently, also often seen in transcriptions of Bach's Chaconne for solo-violin

Edit: It's more often seen with the pattern reversed i.e. starting on bass , ascending then descending. "Arrastre" is good description too - it translates as "drag"
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