well iv been on and off on guitar for two years, and i have learned a bunch of songs, some of them are incomplete, i have a tendancy to begin to learn a song, and then get a couple riffs done and then decide on another song, well i dont know much theory behind guitar, im comfortable with the fretboard and can play some chords although i dont know the names of them, I know all power chords, and some barr chords, but i dont know where to go from there, is there a site that has useful guitar lessons preferably in a video, what do you reccoment i do to reach a new leval at guitar?. thank you
practise. practise. and perhaps practise again?
but structured practise. scales, different chord shapes etc etc
this site has some good lessons, but you're best off just employing someone to teach you, as in a qualified guitar teacher.
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this happens to most people , they hit a bit of a plateu in their guiatr skill , you've just gota be really driven and set urself a goal tht u will definitly hit. for instance i told myself tht i wud learn nothing else matters the whole way thru over the summer, and its eesm daunitng but once u break it up its all becoems easy . also try learning a new technique , like fingerpicking or sweeping