I know these are hated on here, but this is a great bedroom amp with plenty of gain. Yes, tubes are God but out of all the SS amps I played, I find these the best. I actually like these better than the Valve/SS hybrids Marshall has.

This thing is basically mint. Gigged a few time, it can get really loud. Tolex has no nicks, basically in new shape. Perfect working order. Comes with footswitched that was acting finicky but now it is working a lot better.

Local pickup in south east PA. Will trade for Epi VJr head and/or 1x12 extension cab
Will also trade for pedals, looking for:
Ibanez Tube Screamer or equivalent
EQ Pedal
Big Muff Pi, NYC
Marshall Shredmaster
Marshall Guv'nor
Boss Turbo Distortion or equivalent
Digitech Whammy
Analog reverb.