could someone give me the names of some "pedals" / effects modeller, etc... for electric guitar.

Price between: 0 - 400€ (may be more)
Style: Metal, Trash Metal, Progressive Metal ( both lead / rythm)
Pref. Bands: Metallica, Opeth, Dream Theater, Amon Amarth, Iron Maiden, System of a Down,... (Prefered to less)

Thanks in advance
Just so you know, metallica is standard tuning, dream theater is a 7 string guitar, and system of a down is drop c/c#. i hope you have more then one guitar because the tunings can get annoying. a cheap way to help you is to get higher gauge strings for the drop c because the normal ones will have too much slack. you'll be able to play much better and faster
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There are hundreds- if not thousands- of pedals on the market, you're going to have to be more specific.
get a zoom g1x (the one with pedal) i got one,they're like 150 canadian,and the best money can buy,i got mine for 2 years and nothing cracked or broke yet,and has patches for every type and u can edit them and their even artist patches,and its so easy to use...defiantly get one,or try one out
that's a pretty well thought out Thread I suppose, but there may be a better way to do this.

I would search on the guitarists of these bands to find out what they are using Wah, Chorus, Delay, OD, Dist wise and go from there. I just looked up Metallica and James Hetfield on guitargeek.com and it didn't come up but you get the idea.

Also use the Ultimate Settings sticky.

once you get some things narrowed down on your favorite bands, then you can come back and ask some more specific questions. Just another way to attack this, not trying to be a prick. Good luck.