I play the G chord like this but was wondering if it's more "correct" to play without the pinky and have ring on high E as I see it tabbed like that a lot.

I've always played it with the pinky, that's how my chord finder book shows the fingering, but go with whatever you prefer.
I broke my G string fingering A minor
It doesn't make it more correct.
Basically, G Major makes up the notes G, B, D and all of the notes you play in both of those positions fit in with that just at different octaves.
All you are doing when you do that position is changing on the B notes you already have to a D
Depends on when i'm using it. If i'm going to transition from a G to a D then I will go with the method above. If i'm going from a G to a C then I tend to keep my ring finger free etc etc
The way they told me in my guitar lessons is that with JUST the pinky is the correct way to do it, but the ring finger thrown in there gives it a "fuller" sound.