hey everyone. so i used the search bar and nothing helped so i'll try it myself.
i have a paper to do and my prof mentioned footnotes and endnotes. problem is i don't know if he wants both or just one of those. So i ask, is it plausable that he would want both? or is that unheard of in any piece of writing?

also if i have to use footnotes then do i number my sources from 1 to x on one page, then on the next page start from 1 - x again? or would i number them consecutively throughout the paper?

Thanks pit!
Footnotes are placed at the bottom of every page. Endnotes are collectively placed at the end of your essay/book.

I guess you could use them in conjunction. Say for footnote #3, you can say (see endnotes for further details) or something like that.
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also would wut if i mentioned the same reference twice in my paper. would i give it the same footnote number? exmaple

mr smith walked to mr jones office and ate an apple.1 he then continued to eat pears.2
whichthen he ate some more apples.1

notice how my last reference is '1' since it came from the same source as the first reference. OR would i be forced to make it '3' ?
One reference is enough. It's usually the first reference to a foreign term/phrase/idea that requires a footnote. All subsequent uses of the reference don't need footnotes.
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