I own a JVM2 combo I have had gigs the last few weekends and when micing my amp there is some serious noise coming back through the monitors when I kick in the dirtiest 2 channels.

I recently stopped running any effect through the effects loop as I was only running my delay in it, and it the effect didn't seem to pop the way I wanted to really. I was runnin a tuner, wah, rotovibe, and smallstone in the front end of the amp already as well.

The noise sounds kinda like it has a flanger effect on it, and I cant really hear it come out of my amp, only through the monitors, and I would assume house.

We haven't always worried about a great monitor mix, as we play on pretty tight stages, so it's possible it's been there all along.

Does this sound like a problem with the amp?

Is it maybe something that's been there all along, and with a good monitor mix, I finally noticed it? JVM's are pretty high gain. I don't keep it dimed, but those who have played them know they are pretty liberal with the gain, esp for a Marshall.

If it's just something natural with the amp, what are some fixes? I have a gate, but I run it through the front end of my amp to cut down on noise from the Strat. Could I toss it in the effects loop since that comes after the preamo gain, to cut it out.

Also, could it have something to do with how I am powering my pedal and/or amp? I use a Godlyke deal, like 1Spot, and I plug that and my amp into a power strip. I know it's not the best, but I have had no problems with it yet.
Man. Not sure. Lots of stuff there. Delay, as a modulation effect, should go in the effects loop. Are you saying the problem started after you moved it to the front? Can you seperate your delay out and run it thru the effects loop only? Maybe with and without the rotovibe?

I certainly don't care for the amp and the pedal board (assuming it is all AC powered board) sharing one strip but sometimes, you don't have a choice.

Do monitors send the entire chains signal to you? I've never gigged so I don't know what they are supposed to give you. If you are in a tight space it is very possible that your pickups are picking up the monitor sound waves and interacting with your playing.

When was the last time you changed the tubes?

Just throwing stuff out there.
Make sure you plug both your pedals and amp into the same power strip.

I would be inclined to check the tubes as well. A really noisy amp can be from bad tubes.

Maybe it's because you're using a strat. Possibly shield your guitar. If you roll back on the volume knob to about 8 that might remove all noise. It's happened to me before.

Sometimes other equiptment or even lights on the same electrical series that you're plugged into can cause interference. I've had some excessive noise from microwaves being on in the house.

Stand in a different area, sometimes that makes all the difference.

Set the amp up in a different area.

Use shorter cables, make sure you're using speaker cables to connect cabinets to the head, and instrument cables in front of the amp. Good cables, such as planet waves or dimarzio will reduce noise and increase output.

there are quite a few possible causes, and usually it's 1 big problem with a bunch of little problems as well, so you're gonna have to test them like an eye doctor.... this one or this one?
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Just from my experience with gigging the JVM410 with a nano stone in front...it's probably your small stone. I always hear the swirling from the phasing as well as more pronounced noise when using mine, mostly on the OD channels. Since you are using a Strat, and I'm assuming single coils, you're probably picking up more noise from the lights as well as the monitors feeding back into the pickups. Compound that onto the super high gain OD channels on the JVM, with a EHX phaser, and you've got yourself some serious noise. Try the phaser with a battery instead of power supply, or eliminate it from the signal chain to see if that helps. If you use a noise gate in front of the amp, make sure it's last in the chain. That should eliminate any noise from the pickups and pedals. If its more of a hiss, try the loop. Hope this helps. PM with any questions, as I've had my JVM since May 2007 and have had several gigs with it, as well as trying several different pedal combinations. Currently I'm going Gibson LP ->POG-> MXR Dist III -> EHX Pulsar ->amp. I get some white noise on OD1/OD2, but substantially less if I don't use effects in front of the amp.