I am about to buy a guitar and am new to playing an istrument.As im a begginer i need to know what guitar to buy and ive only got £150.And then then theres the problem of not been able to afford lessons at the mooment.So...WHAT SHALL I DO!!!!!!!
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Meh, I say to hell with lessons. The only thing you would actually need lessons for might be music theory.
I'm sorry, but maybe that's just me. I never took lessons.
Honestly, just try playing the songs you like, it'll come to you. =)
well... for a roundup on the theory about what is what on the guitar you can go to freejazzlessonsonline or something like that, just search for it in google and you'll find it, they have theory about scales, chordbuilding, how to this and how do that with it, how to build songs and whatever. you can get a HUGE repetoire from there in your chords and scales and then you can just start mixing it all together and build something you think sound appropriate just out of sheer fun. you don't need experience for jazz or anything else since it's a beginnercourse to advancedcourse for free on the net. And then there's the good old one about getting a job, being patient and earn the money... or get an injury and make the one you sue pay... or well, okay, try the free jazzlessons if it seems interesting:P
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uh seriously. get your parents to pay for you to have a few lessons. theres no substitute for a proper teacher. if you teach yourself, you'll probs develop really gash technique and sound like a lepper with a guitar. nah.. it wont be that bad... but like.. it would be better if you learnt the right techniques and had someone to point out how you can improve.

you could aways learn from youtube or whatever but dont expect to get far
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**** lessons, i didnt do any and am the best player on my collage course.

just get tabs for songs you wanna learn from here

get scales and chords from looknohands.com

and if you want theory go on the internet of go collage its free for under 19's, and collage will give you alot of experience with other musicians and such
Well all I can tell you about lessons is that I know about 5 of my friends who paid quite a bit for guitar lessons and six months later all they could do was strum some basic chords. I've been learning mostly from UG and youtube for about the same period but anything I do is very impressive to them. So I think it depends on the teacher. Find a good one or else just learn by yourself. And practice like hell.
Here's what I did-
I played guitar off and on for a while. Learned a bunch of different things just by taking the time to learn on my own. After getting pretty experienced with it, I figured I'd take lessons to see if it would show more progress in my playing in a short period of time. I started lessons in July, and it has helped me with alot. I see people on here talking about how teachers are only good for theory, but I think that all depends on the person teaching you. I found myself a great teacher, who shows me everything I wanna learn, answers all my questions, explains theory behind everything ect. ect. Now, I'm happy I did get the teacher because he has pointed out some flaws in my technique. These flaws were making it much more difficult for me to play certain things, esspecially sweep picking. So I worked on fixing the flaws I had and it wasn't to easy. I still have some trouble with it now, although it's only been two months, and I'm wishing I went to a teacher when I first started so I knew what NOT to do. Thanks to these flaws, I've developed carpel tunnel in my left wrist. How I'm playing now, the correct way, is making it much easier for me because it's not bothering my wrist as much as it did before.

My advice to you would be to save some money, or ask you parents, and go to a couple lessons right now. Tell the teacher that you want to learn some theory and you want to make sure you start of with the proper technique. After a few lessons, you should have a basic idea of what and what not to do. If you can't afford to keep taking the lessons, then stop doing them for a little while and work on things yourself. Just remember that you can't get better if you don't practice. Most guitarist practice anywere from 15 minutes to 7+ hours a day. If you were to compare two people who've been playing the same amount of time, and one person practices an hour a day and the other person practices 4 hours a day, you're going to notice a pretty big difference.

So my advice to you would be to try an take a couple of lessons, this way you get the basic idea of things. Just remember to tell your teacher what it is that you want to know, so he dosn't just teach you things that you can probably just learn on your own outside of lessons. If you do it this way, I'm sure you'll be much better off in the future.
thanks u lot u been a great help.When you say take a few lessons how many do you mean?
Hmm a few lessons can help, but I'm basically self taught. I got a shitty teacher who ddnt even teach me scales, just gave me tabs n stuff i coulda gt off here, had him for bout a month then waved him goodbye, taught myself theory and now im here. Maybe lessons for like a month perhaps, at once a week?
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**** lessons, i didnt do any and am the best player on my collage course.

just get tabs for songs you wanna learn from here

get scales and chords from looknohands.com

and if you want theory go on the internet of go collage its free for under 19's, and collage will give you alot of experience with other musicians and such

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