I have a 70's thinline tele knockoff (actually made by Ibanez from back when they were doing knockoffs) and the bridge pickup has this shitty, thin, supertrebly sound. I want to replace it with a stacked humbucker, since I am a noob and don't want to cut up my precious guitar to make room for a full-size one. Can someone recommend me a good stacked humbucker at a non-ridiculous price? I'm looking for a thicker sound, something that will be pretty versatile since I play a lot of different styles.
Maybe SD Hot Rails? Not stacked, but they're humbuckers, and I think they sound nice.
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I don't want to rout out the body if I can help it. That's why I said stacked humbuckers.

EDIT: Crap, I'm sorry, Hot Rails are single-coil size.
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