I have an esp ltd M-302. i did hve a jackson rhodes (cheaper model) which i sold. i miss the jackson and am now looking for a set or neck thru Rhodes. i found 2 on ebay an was wondering if it would be wise to possibly trade for one of them. I love my Esp, but i also love jackson Vs. i have looked for a jackson i like but only found 3 in the last year, 2 of which i found yesterday. I plan on getting a LTD M-400 around christmas. So should i trade the esp for a guitar that i am having trouble finding since i am planing on getting the upgraded M-400 model in December. here are the ebay links


those 2 look like junk

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Quote by Tyler Durden
those 2 look like junk


its an LTD, not an ESP!

if you want one of those then yeah, its worth it for you i guess,

but IMO i wouldnt mate.

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