Alright well after posting a few threads i was set on a Randall MTS series amp (probably RM50), but lately I have been shifting genres from Metal all the time, to Blues and Metal 50/50. so i wanted a few more suggestions.

Well First of all i want to say that my budget is 800 or so, and it went down because I want to sell my Spider and by a 30 watt Vypyr as a practice amp, because i cant stand my spider anymore. Anyways I currently have a schecter 006 diamond series elite,
and as stated before I love blues soloing and also I love metal (A7x, BFMV, Trivium, Metallica). So I was thinking a Bugera 333xl combo or a Randall RM50 if i get a good deal. (and a weber attenuator). DO you have any other suggestions?

(Also i play a little classic rock, grunge and hard rock, so I would like an amp that is atleast decent at that)
I have not played a Bugera or a Randall so bump for ya.

You've added a tough element there to your equation. Finding and amp that can do Blues AND Metal well will be tough I think.

What about a used Mesa and a pedal for metal? Like a Mesa F30 or .50 caliber? I see those on craigslist.com under your budget. Do you want me to do a quick look see? What city? You might be able to get a used JCM at that price too.
Thx for the response and i live near Boston, but no need for u to check im not that lazy =-P

But I tried out the express, dual caliber and other high end mesas, and i did not really like them. Also, I could not try b4 i buy on those because those are only used

OK, well too late. You realize the idea behind Craigslist is to try and buy first right? Are you saying you don't have transportation or what. I'm just stressing the value for your dollar here. These were ALL POSTED TODAY AND YESTERDAY. It's worth looking.

H&K Triamp - prolly out of range it just says Best Offer (no clue)

Classic 50 Peavey - but may struggle with your modern tones.

Marshall TSL (love/hate thing) but $725

Line 6 Vetta tube amp $700 (i hear good things and very versatile)

Peavey XXX combo $500 (won't be the greatest blues amp tho)(someone go buy that!)

Mesa Express 5:25 $850 (yummy)

Mesa Lonestar (perfect prolly but $1150)
Mesa Dual Rec head ($800)
another XXX combo $600 (wait...includes 4x12 cab)

you get the idea
Thanks for those suggestions, but Ive got to say i doubt ill get the Hughes, and if i was to get the XXX id get the bugera version, which has better cleans. And i didnt really like the mesa stuff. But what about the vetta? Any impressions? SO far i think it is up between Randall RM50, Vetta or BUgera 333xl.

Any other suggestions (under 800)