Hey, i was wondering when you want to do this it will require HUGE amounts of practice and skill-developing for certain, but is there some kind of nifty advice to making it faster through it except for the good old "Sit down and experiment 'till you get it right"?. I started practicing on it yesterday and is feeling some small development in it, but is there a way to force the process just a LITTLE bit? And can anyone give practice-advice on how to learn to hit exactly and precisely with proper force?
Everything is plausible
Hey man! Good stuff!! As far as advice, difficult to say... However I would pay attention to his tone, how long he sustains notes and at what times. Try to get a feel for his inflections. I'm tabbing out "Nordamerica" in GuitarPro as we speak so once I get that up you'll have a good base song to experiment with.