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I do, it's an Ibanez IJX40, from the Jumpstart Package.
Since I have a floating trem main guitar, I keep this one in drop D.
(I only have 2 electrics)

what about y'all? Did you sell your first or are you keeping it?
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Still got it. Peavey Raptor.
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First bass sucked. Doubt I can sell it so I have no choice haha.

And I will definately keep my first guitar, kick ass shape and colour. Just isnt that high quality.
Still got it, got it 7ish years ago now, plays crap and is broken. But I never play it, so it doesn't matter.
Im keeping my first guitar
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Yup, my first bass was a beautiful Yamaha BB2000 and my first guitar was a Gibson SG Special.
My first acoustic however, is resting somewhere in Nicaragua.
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I sold it along with the amp. I bought BF2 and CoD4 with the money though so it's all good.
aye - a huge beginner classical guitar. probably twice the size of my head when i got it about 5 or so years ago.
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Still got it. Peavey Raptor.

haha, had the same one but sold it a while ago
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still ogt it, squier bullet, it lives in my brothers room now thoigh.
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Still got it. Peavey Raptor.

I had the same - but just sold mine as it was gathering dust quicker then a swiffer

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yes Still got my Fender STratocaster 1978 :P
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yup, behringer getting a vampyre at some point (rockbass btw, im no show off...)
My first was an half size guitar. £70 plus everything you get in a package including amp, bought from Argos.

I still have it
a) Because I couldn't sell it
b) I wanna keep it cos it was my first, mainly because I can't sell it:p
Ibanez GRG170DX
A crap little half-size starter guitar

Digitech RP90

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A cheap 10W
still got it, epiphone g-400

its also my only guitar, but when i get another electric, im still gonna keep it, its a nice budget guitar.
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it's the only one i have. it's sad that everyone has a cool guitar and i have a crappy behringer

but im never going to sell it.
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Squier Strat; I raised the pick ups, and for some reason I swear it played a whole lot better and sounded a bit better after that!
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keep it in drop-b for DEATH METAL!!!!!

I dunno if the flappy action and Squier pickups appreciate that man.
You don't get rid of your first guitar... I did get rid of my first electric guitar, but I eventualy got it back. My actual first guitar is an acoustic Antares model number DX-26I/BK. I've never seen the same one ever, not for a lack of searching. I did find another Antares guitar, on ebay or something, and as far as I know they are the only two in existance, that isn't to say it isn't cheap's a nice guitar, it's taken on a nice well rounded sound over the years but I think it's made of plywood.
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Took the neck off my first guitar (a brutal strat) and got the frets re-done, then I put it on a telecaster body and put some Humbucker pups on the bridge pickup. Added a kill switch between the 2 volume knobs, and added a delay unit along the top of the knobs.

I call it "Infinite Limbo" as suggested by my mate as I can get infinite sustain due to the delay unit.
I've still got my crappy $100 strat. I think the top of the neck has started to rot somehow; there's a green spot there that seems to be growing...
Yeah, first bass is an Ibanez with a popped out pick-up, ripped out input jack, and a fat B-string in place of the low E string...but it's my baby and I'll have it forever, lol
Yes because it's my only one. It's great.
I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'
Generic Strat knockoff. I still have it and I even upgraded it with a bridge humbucker.
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i had a customized special edition fender squier p/j bass.
added active Seymour Duncan basslines on it
sounds sexy
i love it
its still my main bass
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Yep, my first ACTUAL guitar was some cheap acoustic I got from my sister because she didn't learn how to play and didn't want it, then I got a squier for my first electric. The only piece of gear I've actually sold was the amp that came with the piece of crap.
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