Yea so, I, right now, have a Crate and I desperately need a new amp.

So what I'm looking for should stay in the price-range of about 100-200 dollars.

I own an Ibanez RG2EX1, which I thought that would be a great mix for playing both Metallica and Buckethead things.

So, I'm more or less going for a Buckethead-like tone but I have no clue really how to get to that point, I need some help.

So, yea, I tried making that as descriptive as possible.
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What is your amp right now? Can you get anything for it if you sell it?
This looked good for $250 but you would need a pedal for the heavier stuff. (assuming you would buy used and live near CP Indiana).


If I really have to, I can get the extra money but like I said, I desperately need to get a new amp.
So I found a Peavey going into Guitar Center the other day for 100 dollars.

Newest model or something.

I think I might get that.
Line 6 for that price, or Roland Cube or Vox XL.

But you should be able to save more to get a decent amplifier. you wont be more impressed with the sound you get with anything over you're crate with that much money
If you're just practicing, I'd say a Roland Cube. Also, Vox makes a small size practice amp that is simular to the Microcube. Sounded pretty good for how small it was, plus, both the Vox and the Microcube can run off batterys as well. From some reviews, the speaker in the Vox isn't to great, meaning it craps out after a while. I haven't heard anything bad about the Microcubes though.
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Yes, that.

While I have not tried that amp, I have tried the MicroCube and Vox Da5. Both of which I think you should try. Certainly try the Vypyr too, it's a new product so a lot of us don't have any experience with it but there is a Vypyr thread you can check out.
Let us know how you think the Vypyr compares to the Roland and Vox.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
You guys are a lot of help, like, I was originally gonna go for a Roland or a Vox.

Then I strolled away from it trying to go for Rockmans which I have not yet found one, Peavey's which are normally way too expensive, and a couple other amps that Buckethead uses.

Well I guess that I will go for the Roland because I'll be getting more money for Christmas so that seems like the best choice for now.