i have a boss os2 distortion/overdrive pedal.. and i used the wrong charger.. and maybe tugged the power lead around abit while getting imatient.

i use a battery, but now it wont switch on and of.. when you put in the input jack.. the check LED stays on.. and so basically i cant trn the effect off without removing the pedal :S

anyone had a similar problema nd can help, or anybody knwop a reason why the led might not be going off?

The effect still stys too.. even when you switch.

i took it back to the shop and they told me i'd voided the warranty by using the wrong charger.. so they couldnt do anything.

any tips for how to get the switch working again? things to avoid? etc..?

You shouldn't of told them you used the wrong power adapter

Send it to Boss, just don't tell them you used the wrong power adapter!
i did that once, it fried the pedal. don't tell them you did it dumbass
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buy a better pedal
like the others said, take it to boss without saying you used the wrong adapter
so i take it to boss they will return a new one or somehting?

im pretty confident that its somethnig to do with the switch thou..

And yh i know im an idiot i already admitted.. i dont need to be reminded lol i want your help not criticism.

ill try.. buit i more like meant for people to help with tips to repair ir myself?
Do you have the battery wire stuck in the lid when you closed it? Make sure the wire is tucked neatly into the battery compartment allowing the lid to close properly.

Also it wouldn't be called a "Charger" its a "power supply" or "adapter"