Ok...i took 5 years of lessons from 8-13, however, have forgotten most of it. I want to pick back up the guitar and be able to play alot now that i have more time(im 16). I know most of the basic chords, (C,G,D,A,Am,Em,Csus,F,etc) However, I am looking for more, to know the instrument that i play, and become good at it. What books and resoources do you recommend thanks!
well get lessons back, thats the best thing u could do. learn some scales, and maybe some arpeggios if u really remember anything. but ur going to have a really har time working back in those callusses. i remember when i first started, it hurted like hell having to push down on the strings, and i no people who have stopped playing for like 6 months, and it hurt them trying to get there calluses back...so for u, ur gonna have to rebuild the altogether.
yea, i was thinking about picking up the hal leonard method books and starting from scratch, i still have most of the basics though, so i think the hal leonard books should be a good start bakc